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Don't lose a thing on your device: back up and restore


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Easy Backup is an app to back up virtually all the elements on your Android device. In other words, you can protect text messages, call logs, bookmarks, contacts, and, of course, apps.

When you back up an app, its APK can be saved to the memory of your Android device. Subsequently, you can share this APK, or do with it as you wish. In the case of text messages or call logs, all you need to do to recover the information is to use the Restore function in Easy Backup.

Another compelling feature of Easy Backup is that it allows you to view info and specs regarding your device. Check the network you're connected to, processor usage, screen resolution, and much more.

Easy Backup is a very attractive app that can be used to make backup copies of everything: from apps to text messages to contacts.

Android 4.0 or above required.

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